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Pond Band Music Chris Brady Christopher E Brady Charalie Campbell Dave Treibwasser Subpop Records Work Records Sony Records Portland Oregon SP178 SP265 SP186 SP263 Wheel Cinders Snowing 11x17 Young Splendor Perfect Four Gone Agatha Tree Wheel Spots Foamy Grinned Filler Moth You Don't Quite Get It Do You But You're Thinking Hard Sideroad Mubby's Theme Mubby Union Magnifier Patience Ol' Bluehair Sundial Glass Sparkles In Their Hair Van Happy Cow Farm Family Carpenter Ant Artificial Turf Rock Collection Gagged And Bound Spokes You're not an Astronaut Scoliosis one day in the future twins you're not a seed flawed my dog is an astronaut, though golden greyhound rebury me filterless 14 15 ugly The Practice of Joy Before Death Symphonics